Bayes Lab

What is the Bayes Lab?

The Bayes Lab is an experimental laboratory working on the future of public services. Its ambition is to discover new areas of public action, enlighten the ecosystem of social innovation on technological levers of action and pave the way for new citizen-led public services built by Bayes Impact.

What is the mission of the Bayes Lab?

The Bayes Lab dedicates itself to research, experimentation and publications on many topics. Research publications aim to address blind spots in official public services, suggest courses of action and identify possible obstacles and levers to be used to serve the general interest.

The Bayes Lab is also an opportunity for our organization to test ideas for future citizen-led public services. The conclusions of this research can be multiple: publishing our analyses, integrating an innovation into state public services, launching a new service within Bayes Impact, or having an idea taken on by a third party organization.

The Bayes Lab’s exploration areas are numerous: environment, health, education… Our guiding principle is the common good and the desire to serve public service values.

The Lab’s identity is deeply rooted in technological innovation. We are taking paths that have sometimes already been explored but with a new perspective: using technology to scale up highly personalized public services.

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