We help administrations innovate hand in hand with citizens.

Through our Institute, we advocate for the Citizen-Led Public Service vision in the public debate and support governments and administrations in their efforts to open and accelerate citizen innovations.


An alliance between citizen entrepreneurs who recognize themselves in the values of public service and governments would enable a new generation of public services created by and for citizens.

Creating citizen-led public services is what we have been doing since the beginning of the Bayes Impact adventure.

After having developed several general interest services, such as Bob or Conotify, our vision at Bayes Impact was to take everything we’ve learnt from this and turn it into a framework that all citizen entrepreneurs who innovate for the common good can use: Citizen-Led Public Services.

The Citizen-Led Public Service promotes a vision of a society where governments and citizen initiatives collaborate hand in hand to respond to social issues.

With the Citizen-Led Public Service, the citizens who have identified a societal problem and who bring a response in accordance with the values of public service will benefit from a strong support of the State. The latter would commit to making useful data available to the social innovation project, to facilitating collaboration with the administration, especially in the experimentation phase, and to distributing the citizen-led public services through its infrastructures to maximize their impact.

The Bayes Impact Institute promotes the idea of Citizen-Led Public Service and supports administrations, communities and governments in their engagement to citizen innovation. We mobilize public administrations to build these new alliances with civil society to improve public services and use innovation for the general interest.

Paul Duan, president

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