About Us

We are a group of practical idealists who believe that applied properly, data can be used to solve the world’s biggest problems.


They contributed to Bayes Impact, bringing their energy, creativity and skills to build citizen-led public services.

Eric Liu

Everett Wetchler

Florian Jourda

Margaux Salzman

Stephan Gabler

Joanna Beaufoy

Stéphanie Desnogues

Kirtan Upadhyaya

Alizée Breton

Éric Boucher

Mehdi Jamei

Brian Lewis

Philip Dickinson

Andrea Egan

Vivian Dien

Shawn Xu

Sinclaire Prowse

Guillaume Chaslot

Cindy Chen

Alex Nisnevich

Sarah Tadlaoui

Max Kornblith

Edward Zhong

Daniel Korenblum

Henry Lin

Anna Ma

Brent Gaisford